Who ate all the Pis?
‘For professional services firms in a high risk world’.

Issue 2 of Howden Pi Magazine is full of sage advice and stimulating ideas on risk-takers: “Victory keeps raising testosterone levels until there is a tipping point: the animal picks one fight too many”; and on diversity:  “I didn’t want to be typecast as the only gay in the industry”.

On pro-bono work: “You have a professional duty to do a good job, irrespective of what, or whether, you’re being paid’;  and on poaching and gamekeeping: “make it a contractual requirement for your best employees to tell you if they’re approached by a rival”.

And if you’re a retiring baby-boomer looking for an exit, have you  left it too late?: “Thinking about succession planning needs to start years in advance, when people are thinking as calmly and clearly as possible”.

Richard Lomax

Richard is deputy managing director at beetroot.