Pic of the week

I love this picture, from the latest issue of Petrofac’s flagship magazine which I edit for beetroot with Ann Whatley.

We’re looking at two members of Petrofac’s rope access team battling the elements to carry out maintenance on a North Sea offshore facility.

I’m from Scotland and my dad spent his career offshore, so the picture has extra meaning for me. Compared to some of the sites where Petrofac employees work, this is mild. In the gas fields of Oman temperatures hit +50C (they have to stop work once the mercury rises above that level) to minus 24C in offshore Russia, where workers are restricted to 30 minute shifts.

Some of the world’s top photographers are sent to cover the stories, but this stunning image was actually captured by a Petrofac employee.

Christina McPherson, editor and account manager

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James Wickham

James is Deputy Head of Content at beetroot.